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Donate for RVM

Please support our work!

To us Redemptorists it is important to allow young adults a religious, social and international experience combining faith with practical work.

However, in order to be able to carry out this project, we are dependent on your financial support, inter alia for the following:

  • Payment of an appropriate pocket money to the volunteers
  • Payment of insurance and other administrative fees
  • Supportive payment to volunteers’ host families in poor countries
  • Possibility of financial support, if suitable volunteers cannot fund their deductible (own contribution to the year)
  • Further development of our project

If you wish to make a contribution to the placement of our volunteers, please donate to:

Provinzialat der Redemptoristen
IBAN: DE04 3705 0198 0015 9026 20
(Konto: 15 902 620 BLZ: 37050198)

We will happily issue receipts for your donation!
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