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Our Mission Statement

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Making a Christian volunteering experience abroad possible for young adults...

Redemptorist Volunteer Ministries (RVM) is the international volunteering organization of the Redemptorists of the St. Clemens Province. We offer young adults the chance and challenge to engage themselves in the service of others, thus acquiring new practical, social and religious experiences. Institutionally we strive to serve children, young adults and the poor in foreign countries, in this way taking part in the redemptorist mission.

Through RVM can we Redemptorists and our cooperation partners in foreign countries offer young adults religious and social experiences within the context of our international congregation, effectively making a contribution to their development as human beings and Christians.

Our goals are to offer young adults a volunteering experience that:

  • Contributes to their development as human beings and Christians
  • Makes intercultural dialogue possible
  • Aims at inculturation in the land of service
  • Is impregnated by Redemptorist Charism
  • Encourages the personal development of values, identity and worldview
  • Does not fail due to financial problems
  • Considers and insures their personal integrity and dignity, both physical and spiritual

Through our preparatory, middle of the way, and return seminars, as well as our personal assistance we offer our volunteers the chance to:

  • Reflect the whole array of their experiences abroad
  • Use their newly-acquired maturity to reflect upon their plans for the future
  • Get the kind of educational experience that qualifies them further while at the same time encouraging their independence

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