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One Year with RVM - That Is How It Looks Like!

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We attach great importance to an extensive personal and organizational preparation as a year abroad needs to be both very well planned and prepared. Therefore, it is actually wrong, if one always speaks of just one year of voluntary service. After all, the preparation begins twelve months prior to the actual start of the placement abroad.

Application (August to December / January): Placements with RVM each begin in August. However, you should start informing yourself one year before. This also implies that you can think about your motivation, so that we receive the applications no later than December 15th. Some interviews even take place in December, but the majority are held in January.

Preparation (January to August): Following a positive feedback, the period of intense preparation begins. Visa have to be applied for, entry requirements have to be checked and flights need to be booked. To cut a long story short, it’s a lot of paperwork.

Preparatory Seminar (August): Having finished the preparations, a twelve-day preparatory seminar takes place together with all other volunteers. This seminar is conducted by Mr. André André Latz website: andré latz team-entwicklung and will prepare you thoroughly for the placement abroad.

Placement abroad (August to August): The offices on-site are responsible for carrying out the placement. As a volunteer there is always a local contact person as well as a contact person in Germany. After about half a year there is an intermediate seminar taking place in the country of your placement. Here you have the opportunity to reflect on the year so far and what is still in store for you and your expectations for the next few months.

Rückkehrerseminar (August): Am Ende der Vorbereitungszeit steht ein achttägiges Rückkehrerseminar mit allen anderen Volunteers deines Jahrgangs unter der Leitung von Herrn André Latz (Homepage), der mit euch intensiv auf die Erfahrungen am Einsatzort zurückschaut.
My volunteer service began with a two-week preparatory seminar during which I got to know the other volunteers. Along with the leader of our seminar, we discussed topics like for example communication and intercultural competence. To me, the exchange of expectations, hopes and fears, that a year abroad entails, was particularly important.
Volunteer Bernhard Siepen, 2011
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