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Welcome to the Website of Redemptorist Volunteer Ministries

Welcome to the website of the Redemptorist Volunteer Ministries (RVM), the voluntary service of the Redemptorists.

Life within a religious community or in connection to one is the initial point of all our activities and work. Each redemptorist community supportting one of our projects is quite different from the others. However, all of them have a spirit of teamwork and cooperation in common, as well as faith and prayer as the basis for their community life and their work.

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RVM-Volunteers of 2020/2021 in August 2020.

Time and place of service

The time of service at RVM is usually one year. It is possible to prolong the time of an assignment, but the shortening of an assignment can only take place in exceptional cases. Adapting to a new country and becoming really productive in those circumstances takes a long time, and that is why we do not offer short assignments.

Our Volunteering year begins in mid-august, and ends exactly one year later. That is why after a year´s assignment there is still enough time for our volunteers to prepare themselves to start their university studies or an apprenticeship.

During the volunteering in 2014/2015 we have sent eleven volunteers abroad.

If you have any questions we are happy about your disposal. Contact.

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